Deep Sea Coffee Co.

At the Deep Sea Coffee Co. we know all about great tasting coffee. As ex-military personnel we also appreciate how difficult it can be when you don’t have access to your favourite type of coffee. So, our aim is to provide high-quality coffee to off-shore workers in a way that gives them instant access to the coffee that they love, when they want it. We bring together our experience and our ability to source the world’s best coffee and because Lewis is positioned in South America, we always have our fingers on the pulse.

We believe that everyone should have access to the highest quality coffee blends and by everyone, we also include those who spend long-periods of time away from home. The importance of home comforts and the things that we enjoy in life such as a simple cup of coffee are often overlooked or forfeited by those who work away. Therefore, our goal is to provide easy access to some of the best-tasting South American coffee you can find. We believe that having these simple luxuries can make a huge difference
and that is why we make finding the best coffee beans a priority of ours. We truly understand just how important it really is.

Founder James

James served in The 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment where he took part in operations in Afghanistan. James is currently a commercial diver who still continues to spend a lot of time away from home as he finds himself working on the ice cold shores of Scandinavia for months at a time. Clearly, James has spent a lot of time away from home and he is fully aware of how important it is it have those creature comforts close at hand. Whether was serving in Afghanistan or diving in the vast oceans, he understands how difficult it is to purchase great coffee. This is where James realised that there is still a demand for excellent coffee, even when colleagues are positioned remotely, thousands of miles away from home or from a coffee shop. This is where the initial seed was planted and from this grew the Deep Sea Coffee Co.

Founder Lewis

Lewis was part of Special Forces Support Group. During this time he served a total of four years and took part in operational tours in Afghanistan. Following this, Lewis then spent time travelling around Latin America and this is where he came across the importance of good coffee. Lewis understood that South America is home to the best coffee in the world and this is where his idea with James was really born. Having access to this amazing coffee at its source and an understanding of what it is like to spend time away from home, Lewis instantly realised that there was no need for those who spend time away from home to miss out.